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More About North Wind Elopements

More than just wedding photography, North Wind Elopements is about designing and documenting a day that fits you both perfectly. It’s intentionally intimate from the planning phase until the delivery of your photos, or even the crafting of your album.



“But still the clever north wind was not satisfied. It spoke to Vianne of towns yet to be visited, friends in need yet to be discovered…” from the movie Chocolat. Having lived in six countries, I feel like I can relate to Vianne. And as much as I love my home countries now, the north wind still speaks to me too – which is why I’d love to travel for your elopement.

Maybe you hear its whisper too?

My own elopement experience

My husband and I invited 20 guests to our official wedding and then had our own adventure elopement experience saying our vows after a short hike in Sedona, AZ. We did throw a party on top of that, which was fun, but honestly it was the least meaningful part of it all.

My husband and I still look back out our adventure as one of the most amazing things we’ve ever done. Recently we showed our son (born ’20) our elopement photos. I’m pretty sure he’s still too young to really get it, but wow, did he love looking through our album! (And so did we!)

“She made us feel completely at ease”

Eline is such an amazing photographer! She took time getting to know us, and made us feel completely at ease. We have been so pleased with our photos and we will treasure them forever!
Allyson & Chris
Iceland adventure

Hi I’m Eline

Photographer | Planning Guide

My Homebases

Northern Italy & Netherlands

where I grew up

Netherlands, France & Switzerland

where I Lived as an Expat

Spain, Malta & Italy

My Languages

English, Dutch, Spanish and some Italian, French & German


1. Dolomites, Italy / 2. Drôme, France / 3. Graubünden, Switzerland

Favorite moment
of every elopement

There’s always this little moment, it can happen any time of the day, when the couple looks at each other and it visibly sinks in that “this is really happening”!

Why I do this

To create a beautiful, safe space for the both of you so that you can fully be present and true to yourselves while experiencing this once in a lifetime adventure

Current wish list Elopement

Fjord elopement in Norway




With a background in event planning, I love researching the perfect place for the both of you to elope, as well as creating timelines and recommending great local vendors. We’ll go over everything, from where to sleep, eat, have your hair and make-up done, to the ideal location and time for your vows or couple photos.



Now this might sound like I enjoy raising my glass with you, which at some point I’d love to do, but more importantly I’d love to help you celebrate: creating a positive space, suggesting some fun personalized activities, and keeping track of time (while being flexible) so you can really dive in and enjoy your elopement.



That’s the obvious one, right? But it’s not just about the amazing (somewhat posed) shots that you’ll want to stick on your walls, it’s about all the ambience of the day, the feelings, the small spontaneous moments and details too. Couples say that I’m like a ninja, I’m everywhere but you don’t really notice me moving around.

our team

we’re a talented group of gals


Assistant planner

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