Education for Photographers

4-Month Intensive

Bi-weekly 1:1 video calls

E-mail contact between calls

Optional: Alps live-shoot

Starting from €1700 incl. 21% VAT

Alps Full Day

Max. 4 photographers

90 min. theory

sunrise and sunset live-shoot

Starting from €950 incl. 21% VAT

Online Session

1:1 video call

90 minutes

€350 incl. 21% VAT

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, I’d love to help you with that.

That’s perfect too. Please reach out so we can set up a clarity call and see if I’m the right person for you at this point – in some cases, I might refer you to someone else who knows more about the topic that you are interested in.

As long as you are able to take photos in manual mode, we’re good to go.

Depending on the education that you choose, we can decide to set up a couple session as you live-shoot.

I have more answers! Send me a message and we’ll chat.