How to get started when you want to elope

Not sure how to begin your elopement journey? You’re in the right place!

While eloping offers you a chance to intimately exchange vows in breathtaking locations, away from the traditional wedding hustle, the lack of typical wedding guidelines can make it hard to get started.

1. Figure out the type of elopement that you are interested in

The most common elopements are: courthouse elopements, city elopements and adventure elopements. Combinations of the above are possible too. Most couples that choose an international adventure elopement, go to the courthouse to legally get married before they travel abroad. And while that might sound like getting married twice, all of my couples confirm that saying their vows privately at an incredible location is when they really felt like they were getting married.

2. Pick an area or country that you both love for your elopement

Once you know the kind of elopement that you’re both wanting, you think about where. Adventure elopements can range from luxury elopements with nice hotels and restaurants, as well as boat rides or helicopter tours, to hiking elopements or overnight elopements in mountain huts with an emphasis on nature and stargazing.

3. Find an elopement photographer specialized in the area or country that you’ve picked

Elopement photographers typically help you plan your elopement as well (as opposed to wedding photographers that also document elopements), so finding someone local or specialized in the area/country that you are interested in is highly recommendable as they’ll know the best locations, activities, vendors etc. They’ll be able to help you narrow down where in the area or country would be best for your specific elopement.

4. Relax and enjoy the ride

If you’ve found an elopement photographer with lots of experience, they will take the lead in the planning process and let you know exactly what they’ll need from you.

How to get started if you are considering an elopement with me

Most couples inquire about a mountain elopement in the Alps or Dolomites. They don’t have a specific date or location in mind and aren’t sure how to pick either. They might know they want to go to an alpine lake, or go to the top of a mountain, or go stargazing at night. That’s when we hop on a free consultation call together – the more I know about the two of you the easier it is for me to give you advice on where and when would be best for your elopement. Other couples do know the exact date and/or location that they want for their elopement and that’s perfect too. Sometimes I’m 100% on board with their ideas and other times I help them change their plans as they don’t actually want to elope in muddy season or be surrounded by hundreds of tourists.

What is the secret sauce of North Wind Elopements

How I help you plan your elopement

If you decide to elope with North Wind Elopements, you can expect videos. That’s right; I don’t love long emails, instead I prefer to talk to you and show you what your elopement could be like. As most of my couples have busy lives and we tend to be in different timezones, scheduling multiple calls can be inconvenient. This is why most of my couples receive at least 1 – but often more than 1 – long video in which I share my screen and show you location options, or I walk you through possible itineraries. This way you can watch the video whenever it’s convenient for you, take some time to think through the information and reply whenever you want.