Alps Elopement Photography & Planning Guidance

Co-Creating Once In A Lifetime Adventure Elopement Experiences

Forget all that you’re supposed to do. Imagine what your wedding could be like if it were truly designed for the both of you.

For Adventurous Souls

You’re an unapologetic dream chaser, and that’s what I love about you.

While traditional weddings hold their charm, you seek something more. Something meaningful, intimate, and authentic. Something real.

You’re not wanting the constraints of crazy timelines, complicated guest lists, and people-pleasing pressures. No seating charts, no extensive color coordination, no stress of hosting and “performing” for your guests.

You’re both looking for an adventure-filled celebration. You crave the freedom to stray from the traditional path. Your vision is a union that truly embodies a once-in-a-lifetime experience, the grand adventure.



the moments

the essence

The art

by E. & J.

“From liaising, booking, helping plan, to the big day, then editing, presenting and finally seeing us to the finish line of receiving our works of art. Eline was fantastic throughout. We hired her for her photography skills and ended up with an elopement fairy godmother. She was our main investment and I feel emotional trying to describe just how special she made our day for us – and how beautifully she captured not just the moments but the essence of the day, whilst making incredible art at the same time.

Even if you go for a bare bones elopement and run off tomorrow in jeans and t-shirt, ask Eline if she is free. She’ll make your wonderful day magical and capture how you feel so you can relive it for the rest of your lives.”

I’m Eline and I’m SO excited that you’re eloping.

As a little girl I never dreamed of a big traditional wedding. I dreamed of eloping. What would be better than an adventure to start the rest of my life with the person I love?

And that’s exactly what my husband and I did, we eloped. And it was incredible.

I believe that every couple deserves that intimate, sweep-you-off-your-feet wedding experience. It’s incomparable.

From my upbringing split between the Netherlands, Switzerland, and France, to embracing a nomadic lifestyle in adulthood, my affinity for adventure and exploration runs deep. Specializing in mountain elopements in Switzerland and the Dolomites allows me to weave together my passion for travel and my dedication to creating unforgettable wedding experiences.

Not only would I love to document your elopement in an artistic, authentic way, true to how it actually felt in those moments; I’d also love help you plan and put it all together! I can’t wait to witness the two of you enjoying your special moment completely stress-free.

We made the best choice! Eline is amazing! Her photos are surreal and she helped shape our day beyond our dreams! I would 10/10 recommend for any couple eloping!


Why I Became An Adventure Elopement Photographer in the Alps

I became an adventure elopement photographer in the Alps because I’m passionate about capturing truly meaningful and authentic moments for couples who want to break away from traditional wedding norms.

For me, there’s nothing like an adventure elopement if you’re looking for an intimate and personal celebration, where you can focus solely on each other and their love, surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of nature. The Alps, with their majestic landscapes and awe-inspiring vistas, provide the perfect backdrop for these once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

My own childhood dreams of eloping have fueled my dedication to helping couples create unforgettable adventures as they begin their journey together. I believe that every couple deserves a wedding experience that reflects their unique love story, free from the pressures of convention and expectation.

By specializing in adventure elopements in the Alps, I aim to not only document these special moments with artistic flair but also to guide and support couples in planning and executing their dream elopement, ensuring a stress-free and magical experience that they will cherish for a lifetime.