Swiss Alps Winter Elopement

Winter wonderland ❄️
or how to plan an elopement in less than a month

A&F reached out to me on December 7th, scheduled a call with me for December 10th, and booked me on a December 13th for January 5th. With everything I learned from them in our initial call combined with the information and stories they wrote down in my questionnaire, I sent them a 25 minute video/screen recording with lots of information about a few recommended locations and options for their elopement that same day. On December 17th we met again in a planning call and pretty much decided on everthing for that day. The second half of December we finalized their timeline and booked the services needed. Before the end of the year, A&F landed in Switzerland.

Due to extreme weather conditions, we had a third video call on January 4th and moved their elopement to January 10th – and it all turned out magically 🤍

— slideshow with this whole elopement below photos —