Dolomites Sunrise Elopement

E & B traveled from the UK to the Dolomites with a small group of family and friends. After a laughter-filled ceremony, a delicious picnic and lots of beautiful speeches with their group on the first day, as well as a short hiking intermezzo at Seceda on the second day, the third day was for just the two of them. This is when they read their vows to each other at a most magical sunrise.

“Why did we elope?
So many people have been asking me.

The long answer is that it can take a little while to realise that you are conforming to social norms rather than following your natural instincts. The wedding industry is a big ol’ conveyor belt of displays of wealth rather than love which is so easy to get swept up in as the more you spend, the more amazing your day will be – or so they say.
This isn’t to diminish traditional weddings in the slightest, ours had just run away from us and felt more like a pinterest board than a day to celebrate our union.
By January I was feeling really low about the big white wedding we had planned for 2024 for various reasons, and it kept causing internal and external turmoil, so on New Years Day I spontaneously turned to J. and asked if he would elope and he said hell yeah!

The short answer is that we love each other, and wanted to express that love in our own way. So we got married up a mountain in the Dolomites. It was bloody fantastic.”