After Your Elopement

Planning Your Honeymoon in the Alps or Elsewhere in Europe

When I eloped myself, we hiked to a beautiful spot, said our vows, took a few photos, hiked back… and then we didn’t know what to do. Our photographer left and we were feeling a little lost. It’s been our only regret about our elopement: we didn’t get to celebrate saying our vows – and this is why I believe that you need at least a full day for your adventure elopement.

This way, after your elopement ends, you’ll have said your vows as well as celebrated, you’ll have shared lots of intimate and incredible moments together, and most likely, you’ll feel fulfilled and tired. Which is why I recommend taking it slow the first two days after your elopement. Hang out an additional day in your elopement area, enjoy a day in the spa of your hotel, or spend another night secluded on top of a mountain.

After that day or two of relaxation, I recommend continuing your trip through the Alps or elsewhere in Europe. Many couples go south to Italy, which is great in spring, fall or winter. Other couples take a train to Paris or Munich next, or fly out to the Mediterranean islands.

As I’ve lived in 6 European countries and traveled to most, I’m happy to give you lots of tips and advice wherever you go next. Accommodation recommendations, feedback on itineraries, seasonal activities, I’m happy to help my couples however I can when it comes to the honeymoon part of their trip.

You can easily spend a month exploring different parts of the Alps, from France to the Dolomites and even further east into Slovenia. This is why I have an ever-growing map for all my couples that includes all of my favorite famous and off-the-beaten-path places to visit.