Top 5 reasons why couples elope

After checking in with my previous elopement couples, here are the main reasons why they decided to elope (in no particular order).

1. Less Stress

“We just don’t want the traditional wedding stress”

No crazy timeline, no family drama, no traditions ‘just because’. You can do things at your own pace (which is why full day or multiple day elopements are highly recommendable). Not sure how to start planning, no stress, I’ve got everything prepared to help you plan a relaxed, fun and personalized elopement.

2. Small & meaningful

“The intimacy of the day makes it more meaningful”

Some people like to declare their love in front of a huge crowd, but many of us prefer saying our vows in smaller setting. When you elope, it’s not about the amount of witnesses, but about choosing carefully and intentionally who is there to listen to some of your most meaningful words – even if you choose to only say “I do”.

3. Quality over quantity

“We don’t want to be the center of attention”

A good amount of quality time with your partner to start your marriage. Sounds like a honeymoon? But wouldn’t you love for your wedding to be just that too? And if you do invite a small group of your nearest and dearest to your elopement, you actually get to spend some of that quality time with them as well.

4. Wanderlust

“We want to do what we love with the one we love: travel, explore”

If traveling and exploring is one of your favorite things to do together, eloping will fit you perfectly. As stated before, you can combine your elopement and honeymoon, and visit some place new and exciting. Or you can choose a place that you’ve already been to and is meaningful for you both.

5. No Rules

“We want to do things that are ‘us’, not because we should be doing them”
And also “We cannot legally get married in our country”

Your elopement is all about you and your partner, and that’s all. No need to worry about the rules or expectations, or even the marriage laws; what better day is there to just “do you” and all the things you love and nothing else?