The Quintessential Guide on How to Elope in Portugal

Why you should Elope in Portugal

Portugal is the perfect country for your elopement! It’s got a variety of charming locations that will sweep you away into your dreamy Portugal adventure. Let’s explore all the beautiful and delicious reasons to choose Portugal for your elopement before we dive into the details of planning.

Nature & Beach Destinations

Although Portugal has just one national park: Peneda-Gerês National Park, which is located in the north bordering with Spain, there are also 13 natural parks or nature parks spread all over the country. One of the most stunning is Arrabida Natural Park with its sandy beaches just south of Lisbon. Another breathtaking option is the spectacular UNESCO listed Sintra-Cascais Natural Park just north of the capital city. You could easily plan an elopement combining the city of Lisbon with either one of these natural parks.

Cuisine & Wine

Portuguese cuisine is as rich and varied as its landscape. If you love seafood or wine, Portugal will seduce you easily. But it’s not just seafood that you’ll find on the menu: you’ll discover savory meat, delicious cheeses and delectable sweets throughout your stay in Portugal as well.

Where to Elope in Portugal

Close your eyes and let yourself dream… Where do you imagine your special moment with the one you love? Seaside on one of Portugal’s many stunning beaches? Secluded and surrounded by the picturesque mountains? Floating through the endless vineyards? Or, perhaps, a beautiful whirlwind in a lively and charming city like Lisbon or Porto? Or how about one of Portugal’s whimsical islands, like Madeira or Flores Island of the Azores? All of these places can be spectacular locations for your elopement, it all depends on what the two of you really want for your adventure. Honestly, you cannot go wrong in Portugal. Contact me for more info.

When to Elope in Portugal

Generally speaking, April/May/June and September/October are the best months to elope in Portugal. Summer is beautiful too, but it can fill up with tourists coming to take in the beauty. Winter is quiet, but tends to be a little rainy.

Can we Legally get Married in Portugal?

Yes, you don’t need to be a Portuguese resident to be able to have a civil ceremony in this beautiful Southern European country.

How to Legally get Married when you Elope in Portugal

The steps you need to take to make things possible depend on where you are from. It’s best to start planning your legal elopement at least 6 months in advance, as you’ll probably need to get some of your documents translated and have certain appointments in advance of your civil wedding. Though you might be able to make things happen in 6 weeks or even less, depending on your home country. For the ceremony to be legally binding it has to be performed by a celebrant from the registry office, for certain places like beaches you’ll need to apply for a license.

If you’re interested in learning more about the exact requirements for your partner and you, send me a message and I’ll guide you through the process.

Why I tend to recommend a Symbolic Ceremony instead

A symbolic or a commitment ceremony isn’t legally binding, however, many couples opt for a ceremony like this when eloping abroad. You can choose to get married in your own country before or after eloping, or to just not get officially married at all – make sure you check what this means for you both legally and financially.

A symbolic ceremony means that you won’t have to deal with all the paperwork nor play by the wedding rules of the country that you’ve chosen for your adventure. Some couples have told me they prefer their elopement to be just between the two of them and to have no governments involved. Other couples found it all too complicated or wanted to elope last-minute and didn’t have time to arrange everything necessary.

Portugal Elopement Timelines, Packages and Pricing

Curious to find out what a timeline could look like? Check this page for more info about Portugal elopement timelines, packages and pricing: Portugal Elopement Packages or contact me for more personalized information.

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