Dolomites Autumn Elopement

Simplicity. Autumn. Sunrise. That was the starting point for this elopement. Oh, and preferably in the Dolomites. Waking up early was not a problem for A & P, so we met in the dark at the trailhead. It was a short, one hour hike to get to this beautiful place, where they quickly jumped into their wedding clothes explored a little and said their short but very sweet vows. To them, it was more about sharing this magical moment together, before the rest of the world woke up, than about a ceremony or ‘how things should be done’.

As the photos show, we were so much in the moment as if the rest of the world no longer existed.

We can wholeheartedly recommend Eline to everyone. She is truly a great woman who understands her profession! She knows how to take the most beautiful and best photos and captures this without you noticing.

In a world where nowadays everyone pretends to be a photographer, it is quite exciting to find someone who can take amazing pictures of such an important day / moment. Ask Eline and you are guaranteed to have the most beautiful photos of your memorable day.


A & P had been traveling trough southern Europe for months and this was their final stop before heading home and selling their van, which made this elopement both mark an ending as well as a new beginning. Autumn being the colorful transition season made the Dolomites even more spectacular than usual.

Eline really took the most beautiful pictures of us ever. The photos are so dear to us because she really managed to capture us exactly as we are. While taking the photos, we felt extremely comfortable as we didn’t have to take any forced poses. We were so happy about that, because that is really not for us at all and then the photos probably wouldn’t have turned out as natural as they are now. It was really relaxed from the very first moment and we had so much fun with the 3 of us.