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Maybe you’ve always known

Or maybe it’s something you’ve recently figured out together

You’d rather elope than have a big wedding

  • You value experiences over things
  • You do things intentionally
  • You choose quality over quantity
  • You love traveling with your partner
  • You don’t care about the rules
  • You’re ready to follow your heart

Let’s back up just a little…

What is an elopement?

It’s a wedding experience that is intentionally intimate, focused on what truly matters: the two of you and the way you love one another.

Elopements allow you to plan a day that fits the both of you like your favorite warm sweater, while being as exciting as the honeymoon you’ve always dreamed of. It’s an adventure for just the two of you or with a small group of your dearest people.

You can leave all the ‘rules’ and expectations behind and choose to do whatever it is that you both truly want to do to celebrate your love.

Forget what you believe a wedding is supposed to be like

Imagine what a wedding could be like

Sounds like eloping fits you perfectly?

You might be wondering how to go about it. And truth be told, there is no right or wrong way. It’s all about implementing the things you love and skipping the parts you dislike.

Want to hike a mountain, cool; no wedding clothes, perfect; spreading it over two days, awesome. You can go skinny dipping in the morning and visit a city in the afternoon; start your day in Austria and end it in Italy; say your vows with just the two of you and go wine-tasting with some friends afterwards.

Honestly, it doesn’t matter how you choose to elope as long as you choose it for the right reason: because you both really feel like it.

I believe that every couple deserves a relaxed, fun, intimate wedding day. If there is one day that is meant to be truly be about the two of you, I think it would be the day you say your vows.

Hi! I’m Eline

Your photographer and planning guide

My husband and I invited 20 guests to our official wedding and then had our own elopement experience saying our vows after a short hike in Sedona. We did throw a party on top of that, which was fun, but honestly it was the least meaningful part of it all.

This is why as a Europe based wedding photographer I’ve specialized in elopements and adventure sessions in the most beautiful places in Europe and worldwide.

“You really caught the essence of our day”

You brought tears to my eyes. You really caught the essence of our day. Thank you so, so much. You were more than what we could have ever expected from our wedding photographer, especially as we were such a small group. And the photos, so beautiful, just so perfect!
Victoria & PHil

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If you are looking for an intentional wedding experience in Europe with just the two of you or with a small group of your family and friends, you’re in the right place! Not only to get it documented in a real, honest manner, true to the way it actually felt; but also to help you plan it and experience it completely stress-free.